The safety of you, your customers, and our team is highest priority.

In our industry, safety is consistently one of the greatest areas of concern. The success of our organization depends on our reputation to provide a quality product and service in a safe and timely manner. With any highly hazardous environment like a construction site comes the potential for exposure to hazardous materials and increased risk of minor, serious, or even fatal injuries.

As a general contractor, we must frequently manage and coordinate with multiple parties like subcontractors, suppliers, facility staff, user groups, and more on and off our sites. This means we have a responsibility to ensure that their health and safety is prioritized. Through our expertise, experience, safety knowledge, and current certifications, we are able to ensure that all parties are being managed properly and are working safely and sensibly throughout all stages of the project.

At REA Construction, we have developed a Health and Safety Program to promote workplace safety and control unsafe working conditions. REA’s Health and Safety Program promotes specific health and safety training for all employees and is designed to monitor the workplace for compliance with legislative requirements and attain best operating practices at all times. Our Health and Safety Program also details our internal COVID-19 preventative measures and procedures that are aligned with the guidelines recommended by Public Health Authorities. For more information, see REA’s Company News page.

We vow to never risk anyone’s safety, and instead, promise to protect the safety of you, your customers, our team, and any other parties that may be involved before, during, or after the construction phase. When you choose to work with us, you can trust that the safety of all is top of mind.

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“I can’t say thank you enough for making this unit a fabulous place to work in. The space is beautiful.”
– University Health Network
“Issues were addressed immediately and you smoothly coordinated activities all while maintaining health and safety standards. I can’t say thank you enough for making this unit a fabulous place to work in. The space is beautiful.”
– Princess Margaret Hospital
“Your group has been great to work with and we are looking forward to the next phase. We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the new areas. We look forward to working with you on phase 2!”
– Mount Sinai Hospital
“I’d like to thank you and your team, especially Joao and Mike for pushing these last two weeks to make sure this was delivered on time and all concerns were addressed. Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout the project.”
– Mount Sinai Hospital Project
“REA has provided outstanding service to UHN at the Toronto Western Hospital. They have gone beyond a contractor and are now closer to a partner. I highly recommend REA to any organization.”
– Toronto Western Hospital
“The facility is looking GREAT!!! Vito, Donato and everyone has pulled out an incredible feat to get to this point. I am so pleased and proud of them and what they have achieved.”
– The Dorothy Ley Hospice

Our Clients

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