“Our renovations look GREAT! Please pass along the message that the crew of three that were here today are a really great bunch. They were very helpful, and refused to leave until everything was cleaned up.”
CashMoney Cheque Cashing Inc.

Project Title:  Autostrada
Client: Autostrada Restaurant
Project Cost: $1,100,000
Architecture: : II by IV Design
Schedule: 6 Months

The Autostrada project was a restaurant venue offering 6,300sq.ft of dining, seating approximately 270 patrons and is split into several signature zones. This project entailed many detailed features including a tire track paneled wall. It captures and creates the intimacy of Italy.

Project Title: T1 Chemotherapy
Client: Sunnybrook
Project Cost: 3.265 million
Architect: HDR Architecture
Schedule: 8 Months

The T1 Chemotherapy project at Sunnybrook was a two-phase renovation to an 11,000sq.ft space. Work took place in a live hospital environment adjacent to waiting areas and public atrium traffic areas. Noise was to be kept to a minimum, and mechanical and electrical tie-ins took place in other areas other than the construction site completed after hours.